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More stitching than bitching

September 15, 2004

Still been going to SnB meetings, more regularly than I go to work. It’s fun, more my kind of scene (where I can sit and people watch without being a freak for it). And those women do some amazing work. I’m still struggling with my scarves and gloves, working up to actual items of clothing (though I guess finger puppets could count as miniature finger socks). I promise I’ll post some pictures, as soon as I transfer them from the camera to my computer at home to a computer in lab with internet access. So like in a month.

Might be doing some jewelry making for free – one of the women works for a company that manufactures beads and wire and such and is looking for people to “create” things and give her patterns. Would be fun….oh yeah, between going to school, car shopping, and living 🙂

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  1. yao permalink
    September 18, 2004 2:35 am

    why move manufacturing to mexico when there is this huge untapped resource of graduate students?

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