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Stitch n Bitch Nation

November 10, 2004

Debbie’s new book is out, and my tip is in it! And she’s mailing a copy to me next week! I can’t stop talking in !’s !

Met some new people last night, trying to get together with them later this week. Very satisfied with progress in expansion of friends network.

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  1. yao permalink
    November 11, 2004 3:05 am

    tip? on circular needles?

    debbie = kami’s pen name?

  2. November 11, 2004 6:45 am

    🙂 No, a general knitting tip. Debbie is Debbie Stoller, author of the book Stitch n Bitch, partially responsible for bringing the whole knitting thing closer to mainstream.

  3. Kami permalink
    November 16, 2004 2:20 am

    I wish I’d written her book. I’d be rich and famous. Well, at least it’d look really good on my resume.

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