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Dying of laughter

March 14, 2005

Last week (or so) there was a big scandal in the fiber world – Martha Stewart wore a crocheted/knitted poncho upon her release from prison. Now, I don’t have all the details right, this poncho was apparently made by her fellow inmates as a going away gift.

Only Martha would get a handmade poncho as a “getting out of jail” gift.

Of course, the fiber manipulators on the board had a field day. Half (of the active posters) were desperate to find this pattern, analyze the image, and determine what yarn to use. The other half were appalled. Either that it was Martha or a poncho (I’m not sure which)

I love being the quiet one watching these debates. Makes me laugh.

But this other blog was the best. The No-Poncho Pledge. I post it here for your reading pleasure. Now excuse me, I need to finish my grey poncho.

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