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Slowly digging through the stash

September 7, 2005

I’ve been making some good progress on all my projects – Amy’s socks, Cindy’s OSW, Mom’s FBS, Steve’s penguin, and the scarf pal’s Turtleneck shrug. I also failed to resist the urge to cast on more projects. Oh well – knitter’s ADD.

Socks – I like the color and texture of the yarn, but I don’t think I’ll be making socks with cotton again any time soon. They just aren’t elastic enough – though it’s less of a problem with the footlets I’m making.

OSW – beautiful yarn – I’ll get Cindy to take a picture when I give it back to her. Despite checking guage, it still turned out a bit small. So I took out the last row, did another round of ribbing on larger needles, and did some crazy bind off that’s supposed to be more elastic. Once I find it in the pile of boxes, I’ll weave in the ends and maybe block it….though it may be ok for now….

FBS – sigh. I did the wrong bind off for this one and so blocked it upside down to cope with the tight edge. I thought about undoing the last row, but decided I wasn’t into that much pain.

Penguin – pattern from knitty. When I first started bringing my knitting into lab I got alot of requests from the boys for knit items. The most realistic were the finger puppets. Steve wanted a sloth, but settled for a penguin finger puppet. Now he gets a stuffed penguin to keep it company. 🙂

Turtleneck shrug – still coming along nicely. Ribbing doesn’t seem as hard as it did when I first started. I think Nate’s sweater had alot to do with that. I’m slowly approaching the bind off for the shoulders. I’d better get cracking though!

It’s been very busy lately with packing and travelling and moving. I’m in the last stages of unpacking/purging. I still have way more stuff than I need, but I can see my floor. And open my fridge. I finally got to have tea this morning – little steps…

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