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Still knitting

December 19, 2005

Is it really the 19th? Will I finish? Here’s the list:

Dec 25th due date:
Pair of socks
Slippers to felt
Whip (before you start thinking too hard – it was promised as a joke for my friend and her band)
Muppet hands (aka fingerless gloves out of some seriously furry yarn)

Dec 27th due date:

Dec 30th due date:
Yoga bag

How is it that this list looks so managable? Why am I stressed? Perhaps all the other UFO’s in the basket:
Branching out, Claptois, lace leaf socks, blanket, hourglass sweater, garter stitch sweater to re-neck, everything bag, ribbed scarf, rebecca lace sweater…..

Or maybe all the planned UFO’s:
another FBS, 3 other lace shawls, 2 entrelac shawls, monster slippers, tea cozy, pocket pals, another red riding hood scarf, brioche hat, lace and tuck ensemble, rebecca skirt….

I have begun knitting on the walk to work again. If I go out to bars, I will bring the knitting with me. More so in hopes of disuading boys I wouldn’t like anyways than in the belief I’ll really get more knitting done. Knitting interferes with drinking! I have also finally figured out the basics of spinning (after much glaring at the instructions) Not that I’m good, but I made a foot of yarn 🙂 And bought more roving. Sorry for the lack of pictures – I left my camera at home again.

I’m overwhelming glad to be done with finals forever. And one step closer to being done with school. It’s such a relief to have direction and solid goals again instead of the ambiguity that is grad school. I will leave here. My knitting and I are off like a prom dress….

Perhaps not the best line to end on 🙂

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