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You must be joking

March 7, 2006

I complain about knitting on size 1’s (well, I complain about alot of things but that’s definitely on the list) But knitting on 0’s? 00’s? 00000’s?

You must be kidding.

Doll clothes. Tiny doll clothes, color knit tiny doll clothes. Patterns for tiny color knit doll clothes.

I need to go make some tea while I recover. Good thing half my tea collection is here in the office 🙂

Still chugging away at Lady E – almost done with the 8th ball. It will be done by next Thurs. It will. Then I will finish all the other UFO’s in my basket before I restart the Lace Leaf Pullover. Seriously. There will be some discipline!

Famous last words…

Did you know a search for “Kate rubber T-shirt” led someone to my blog? I’m concerned…

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  1. jillian permalink
    March 7, 2006 7:23 pm

    I know!! Those itty bitty doll clothes are freaky-deaky.

  2. MollyBolly permalink
    March 10, 2006 10:02 pm

    I’m more concerned that someone actually typed in “Kate Rubber T-Shirt” into a search engine…

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