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A random Wednesday

December 20, 2007

I have a thing for cute little gadgets, which made the timer Teresa got me for my birthday perfect! This collection of timers makes me grin.

This is old news, but I love that knitting is in the Wall Street Journal.

The review of this gadget had me cracking up. Technology is so wonderful.

Thanks everyone for your shawl comments. It’s still sitting up on my blocking cushions because I like looking over at it every now and again 🙂 Though I’ll have to wrap it up soon for the trip to Napa.

I went to see my primary doctor again today after another review with my physical therapist yesterday. They’re referring me to an orthopedic surgeon to determine if there’s any additional damage the first 2 surgeries didn’t fix. Which brings me to my question – does anyone have an orthopedic surgeon they’d recommend in the Santa Barbara – Ventura – Thousand Oaks – LA area? My PT gave me a few names, but having some sort of review from an actual patient would be preferred….

Back to watching movies and knitting!

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