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Train wreck

April 24, 2008

First it was MYC.  Then it was HipKnits/Magnits.  Now it’s this.  Basically, a group of people at a ConFusion evolved this idea of breaking down barriers about personal space and sexuality.  The context is confusing, and it’s insisted that it started off as women initiating and participating with men following along.  And that it was a small group of people.  Which is all well and good but…..

The pressure is what my argument is with.  It’s one thing if a woman volunteers herself up, it’s another if you (and you as a male) come up to her and ask her.  I hate being objectified enough as it is, let’s not call even more attention to the thought that what’s in my bra is all there is to me.  There’s a comment on there about how the group only approached women they thought would be comfortable with it – based on what they were wearing.  This is frighteningly along the lines of “She was asking for it.”  Just because a woman loves her body and wears clothes that show it off does not entitle a man to it.

I can’t really be articulate about this, but I think it says alot about the sense of objectification and entitlement that is still out there.  Sigh.

Pictures from my trip to Death Valley coming soon 🙂

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