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Traveling sock

July 4, 2008

For once, when I had a week of vacation (thanks to the summer shutdown), I decided to take a vacation. Not go visit my parents, not go camping, but go fly somewhere and do touristy things. With the last week of work and the upcoming week at work, a vacation was in desperate need. So I packed up some knitting and headed up to Portland. Apparently Portland isn’t a vacation destination, if you go by the responses of people I work with. “You’re going to Portland? Do you have family there?” Hey, I don’t ask you if you have family in Cancun when you tell me you’re going there. My reason for choosing Portland was, well, because I lived there for 3 months in college for an internship. And with M’s interest in mountains and hiking, it seemed like a good fit.

We arrived Sunday and after dropping our stuff off headed straight for the Saturday Market. I’m a sucker for craft fairs and spent many Saturdays and Sundays roaming the aisles looking at jewelry, pottery, and glassware. This time though we were more fixated on the people – the number of street kids seems to have increased since I last went. Or maybe I’m just getting old….After roaming around for a bit, we decided to branch out and walk around Portland a little before heading back to my friend’s place and going out for some dinner.

Monday we went wine tasting. Portland is known for its Pinots, which is excellent for a Pinot lover like me. With the help (or lack of help) of the Garmin, we managed to hit up 5 wineries and return to Portland with 4 bottles of wine and some tasty chocolate. M bought it because it was the first time I’d had chocolate and said that I’d liked it. The last winery we went to was really interesting – $5 to taste 11 wines is unheard of, but they also had a couple really interesting wines. The blackberry and raspberry wines were nice, but they also had one which can only be described as Concord wine. As M’s friend’s wife is a fan of Concord wine, we got a bottle for their upcoming anniversary.

Tuesday was hiking day. We headed out to Mt. Hood, enjoying the scenic drive up and being in general awe of the mountain. I’d never gone to Mt. Hood when I lived in Oregon, so this was a first for me. I’d had no idea something so huge and with glaciers was in the area. Of course, with any hike in Oregon, there was a river:

And trees:

And of course a waterfall:

It was at this point, when M headed back up that I realized I had a sock with me

We moved on from Mt. Hood to stop by Multnomah Falls. I’d been here before, but it’s still as spectacular the second time around. Here’s the runoff from the waterfall:

And the waterfall itself:

So beautiful.

Our final day in Portland we headed out to a couple of yarn shops (of course) and the Rose Garden. Twisted had an amazing selection of sock yarns, and the largest selection of Socks That Rock that I’d seen in a store. So of course some yarn came home with me 🙂 The Rose Garden didn’t disappoint – I took about 30 pictures there (I’ll spare you, but they’re here if you want to see them) of various roses and views of the garden.

I was sad to leave, but I’m sure Marie was happy to have my home for a day. I’m up north now, enjoying the fire and intermittent power at M’s place. Seems like having a BBQ and fireworks with a massive fire in the background would just be too weird. So we’ll see how the Fourth turns out.

There’s always a new Clapotis to work on

Happy weekend all!

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  1. July 5, 2008 7:18 pm

    I’d love a vaca in Portland! What are those people on about? Sounds and looks like a perfect and relaxing getaway. What scenery.

    And, I really must, really, ask about your project bag? That fabric is incredible!

  2. July 7, 2008 5:40 pm

    it looks like you had a lot of fun. i’ve heard nothing but good things about portland, and i’m going for the first time this august for a few days. not enough time, in my opinion!

  3. July 7, 2008 6:32 pm

    Looks like a wonderful trip. I’d love a trip to Portland, myself!

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