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July 30, 2008

I have “Georgia on my mind” stuck in my head, but there’s been more on my mind than Georgia lately (actually, I haven’t thought about Georgia at all….hmm).  Other things on my mind:

Knitting and the obsession with buying yarn.  I’ve been doing really well with my knitting monogomy.  So well in fact that I’m about to run out of yarn for my Swallowtail Shawl…before I finish the shawl.  Luckily, thanks to the wonderfulness of Ravelers, someone is sending me a skein of their Malabrigo Lace in Damask Rose for one of mine in Marine.  And with any luck I’ll have that shawl finished and blocked in time for the wedding.  As I wait, I’ve gone back to the Jaywalker socks and turned the heel last night on the second sock.  I’m so close I can almost taste it (note: sort of wooly).  However, my yarn consumerism hasn’t been so good, in the sense that I’ve been acquiring more yarn lately as I re-evaluate my knitting interests.  I sense another destash coming up soon, as I see myself moving away from sweaters and into socks.

Work.  It’s hard for work to NOT be on my mind, at least for 40 hours a week.  Things are moving and shaking (including the building yesterday at 11:42 – we’re a whole 80 miles away and I still definitely felt it), and it’s midyear review time.  For me, that also coincided with a class I took about getting feedback on my performance.  Things are good (so don’t worry), but what I really got out of it was a better way to (and please excuse the buzzwords) “manage my career.”  It’s no secret that I’m constantly evaluating my marketability and my breadth of knowledge – in this industry (and these times), nothing’s guaranteed.  We all have to do projects we don’t like for one reason or another, but lately I’ve felt that way about the majority of my projects.  I’ve felt sort of stunted.  But the class and my mid-year review have sort of motivated me to suck it up and stop whining.  I’m not the first person to be working on things I’m not that interested in, and I won’t be the last.  The best I can do is finish them up as quickly as possible 🙂

Consumerism.  I am a sucker for retail therapy, and with all the stuff at work lately, the yarn purchases are no surprise.  But in all the books I’ve been reading about eating locally and such, I’ve been trying to curb my consumerism (sorry economy) – both in material goods and food.  I figure this will be good for me in the short term too, by saving me some money much needed to pay off student loans.  And, being the dork I am, I really like adding a reward system into this.  Because who doesn’t love a sticker chart?  (Note: I’m kidding, I don’t have a sticker chart.  Because I’d have to buy stickers.  But the thought does amuse me of having a sticker chart on my fridge)

Stupid people.  My ex, from 2006, emailed me earlier this year (I probably ranted about it then) to apologize for not being a better guy while we were dating and to say he hoped I was doing well (and sent it from his iPhone).  After receiving some clarfication from him as to what he “understood and regretted,” I never replied again.  Fast forward a few months and I get another email, raving about John Adams and how much Laura Linney reminds him of me and how he’s sure that I’m “the one that got away.”  I let this simmer for a few days, before responding that when you break up with someone you never acknowledged being in a relationship with in the first place, they are not “the one that got away.”  I also take issue with receiving emails that sound like they came out of a script.  But no mind – he wrote back saying he was feeling guilty and hadn’t expected a response – that it was a selfish display for attention on a sleepless night.  Seriously – when will he learn?  Better yet, when will I learn to just delete his emails without reading them….

Stupid people, part deux.  Of course the proposal for barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge is a passionate topic, and with internet comments being what they are, people are going to post without thinking.  In the first articles, I tried to argue with some of the comments, especially the nasty ones.  I’m all for freedom of speech, but I also believe there’s a more effective way of making your argument that doesn’t hinge on “Give ’em a diving board.”  I think there’s something to be said for more refined rhetoric, but maybe that’s just me.  After days of feeling crappy about it, I realized something important – it’s not my job to educate people who don’t want to be educated in the first place.  And I’ve stopped reading the articles since.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to avoid….

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  1. July 30, 2008 7:10 pm

    Yeah, I think you are better off not reading the articles.

    With the articles about my nephews accident, a lot of people who commented said really offensive things (ie. his name sounded “stupid and black”–offensive on multiple levels). After getting angry multiple times, I decided to stop reading too.

    I think those people just see their comments as entertainment and a chance to let out their stupidity on others without consequences.

    Anyhow, I need to start doing the whole finishing up work projects I don’t want to be doing now….

  2. July 30, 2008 9:15 pm

    I always try to be mindful of my consumption habits, but it’s hard sometimes. And I’ve definitely been there with the retail therapy! I love the idea of a fridge board! What if you were “gifted” stickers? 😉

    As for the ex – also, can relate. Love how they always come back with those zingers. Bleh! Nice response by you, though!

    And yeah, I agree with Kami – it’s probably better that you don’t read the articles – or at least the comments.

    Hang in there – can’t wait to see your Swallowtail!

  3. July 30, 2008 9:29 pm

    i agree that you’re better off not reading the articles. people are stupid, as you said, and they’ll argue for arguments’ sake.

    exes…ugh. i wish they would just all go away.

  4. August 1, 2008 2:46 pm

    Good idea to avoid the articles. There are just too many people that can’t be or won’t be educated or listen to reason.

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