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Puerto Rico

September 20, 2008

Well, I’ve been in Puerto Rico for almost a week now. Getting out here was no easy feat – my flight from LAX to Miami got bumped to a smaller plane, which meant 60 people had to either give up their ticket or hope for the best. Luckily I got a seat, but it wasn’t the first class seat I’d been booked for. I have to say though, I was much nicer than the lady in front of me about it, with no accusations that someone had stolen my seat and a bunch of monkeys must be in charge of assigning seats.

I arrived in Miami and subsequently San Juan with no further issues. I did manage to get lost on the way from the airport to the hotel, but luckily remembered my way enough to get back with no incidents. Work began the next day, and I successfully navigated myself from San Juan to the plant, thanks to the sign-by-sign directions some other employee had thought to put together. For someone like me who took only one year of Spanish over 12 years ago, it’s pretty helpful to have directions in English.

And so a whole week has gone by.  Get up, drive to work, wait, drive to the hotel, figure out what to do for dinner.  For 2 nights I was able to eat with a coworker who was also here, but he’s gone and I’m either ordering room service (nothing to write home about) or taking a book out to dinner.  There have been countless delays in what could only be described as a week of Murphy’s Law for the project I flew down here for.  As a result, we’re starting a full week later than intended, if we do in fact get to start on Monday.  It’s really maddening.  I’m also getting feelings of being the unpopular girl in middle school, as people start running things without me and I have to track them down only to find they thought I’d already gone home.  I guess the best way to put it is, “Why on earth did you fly me down here if you’re not going to utilize me?”

So, in preparation for what I’m told will be a week of very long nights, I slept in today.  And ordered room service.  I sat by the pool, I got my nails done, and I’m getting a massage.  Tomorrow, I go shopping.  Because I need to look good underneath the coveralls, right?

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