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October 1, 2008

91.  Wasabi macarons.  I love macarons (and here’s an interesting article on the difference between macaroons and macarons), but I don’t think I could handle the addition of Wasabi.  I do like this trend though of taking things not typically used in desserts and making them work (ie bacon ice cream is an interesting example)

Today begins Socktoberfest – a celebration of socks inspired by Lolly.  This year for me it’ll be all about figuring socks out.  I love sock yarn – the colors, the fibers, the relatively instant gratification (for anyone but me – I take forever to knit socks).  So this month I will be redoing those socks I wasn’t happy with – the knee highs that came out at two different gauges, the Noro sock that was too big in the ankle, possibly the Jaywalkers that were too long in the foot.  Last night I sat down with a notebook and a calculator to figure out when to start the gusset increases for the Noro sock, how long to make the heel, and how narrow to make the ankle.  This month will be all about understanding the elements of a sock and how to make it fit me.

And next month will be spent drinking all the beer I’ll have missed out on while knitting 🙂

Happy Socktoberfest!

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