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You say soda, I say carbonated vehicle for corn syrup

November 21, 2008

46.  Where I grew up we called that carbonated beverage with more money in marketing than I care to think “Pop.”  Where I moved it was called “Soda,” and I managed to adapt just fine without thinking too much of it.  Until I took linguistics in undergrad and learned about the infamous soda/pop/coke divide….

45.  Sign you knit too much?  When you see the word “Afghan” in a headline and wonder how blankets are making it into the news….

44. Thanks to Manda I now know knitting is going more theoretical….or is that abstract?

43. With Turkey Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to learn about the science behind light and dark meat.  Mmmm….tasty.

42. For those of you who gagged along with me at the thought of raman-based pizza, how gag-worthy are vinegar-based sodas (pops)?  This may actually not be that bad….

41. Edamame keychain.  All the satisfaction, none of the nutritional value.

Image from Serious Eats

40. Seatless bike designed to make kids less fat.  I’m not sure what exactly was wrong with the original bike…

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  1. yao permalink
    November 22, 2008 9:45 am

    go soda!!

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