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I may have gotten up too early today

December 1, 2008

But it wasn’t my fault.  Marie decided that instead of being well behaved like she usually is, it was entirely appropriate to wake me up BEFORE my alarm clock went off.  And I can see how she’d be confused, with there being no alarm clock the last few days.  She’s a cat, and I’m pretty sure she can’t tell time.  Though when she stared at me through my entire conversation on the phone with M last night and jumped up and ran to the food bowl after I said “Goodbye,” I think she understands some things.

Today is the sad first day back at work where no one really wants to admit to themselves the long weekend is over and will instead tell stories in the breakroom like it’s their job (except it’s not, sadly).  I chatted for a bit with a coworker about Napa as I filled up the nifty tea infuser mug before heading back to my desk to get to work.  I lifted the lid of my mug and had a “where’d all the water go?” moment, even going so far as to lift out the infuser to look for it before realizing I just hadn’t filled it up enough.

So yeah, I may have gotten up too early today….

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