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December 12, 2008

32. Fire season came a little closer to home this week when the mountain between work and home caught fire – we could see the flames from work and traffic jammed. But luckily they were able to put it out quickly!

31. I agree that parking and tickets on university campuses is ridiculous – the prices are expensive, they stalk your car after you leave it, and they even wanted me to pay for a permit when I had a handicap pass. But this girl is a little more pissed than I ever was – and totally gets called out on it.

30. Hosting a party and need a speaker system?  This iPod system could be within your budget.

29. I love the holidays – especially all the holiday treats that start making the rounds.  Being in a continual cost-savings mode (though my shoe purchases say otherwise), I tried to make hot chocolate mixes for my group last year.  Since one of them never took it home, I’m guessing hot chocolate mix is not the way to go this year.  These DIY peppermint patties may go over a little better….

28. Or I could make fudge….(Apologies for hijacking this week’s list of random to start coming up with coworker gift ideas.  Those responsible have been sacked)

27.  Want to know who else is searching for the effect of impeller blade angle on mixing characteristics (sure you do, closet engineer!)  Check out Google Trends.  (Sorry, is my nerd showing?)

26. And in the continuing trend of disgusting food links, Serious Eats has a video on how hot dogs are made.  I haven’t watched it yet, and who knows if I will.  But if you’re curious….

And because I totally missed announcing it last week, the contest winners have been picked and the yarny goodness mailed.  Congratulations to Kat, Sknitty, Mary, Heather, Darcy, and Orata!  And thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. yao permalink
    December 12, 2008 7:30 pm

    i want hot chocolate mix!!

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