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December 19, 2008

25.  My problem is selfish knitting rather than knitting for someone else, but this is amusing all the same

24.  This artist’s work makes me glad I’ve taken to knitting small things for holidays – less pressure

Image from artist’s site

23.  If your breakfast could talk, you could make a video about it and put it on  You Tube

22.  As a somewhat frequent viewer of Top Chef, I’ve seen more than my fair share of Rocco DiSpirito – sadly, I’ve always thought of him as just another TV chef, but this piece by the NY Times paints a much sadder picture – a chef who could do so much more.

21.  I think my favorite of these 11 cool cups and mugs is the ON/OFF mug 🙂  Anyone else remembering Hypercolor shirts right now?  (ETA: I can’t believe these are being called vintage already by eBay.  I’m still alive!)

20.  I love fun cupcakes, and these melted snowman cupcakes are adorable

Image from Serious Eats

19.  For those of you with cats, this will look familar

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