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Thanks for all the fish

June 26, 2009

Ever wanted to see a chicken running around with its head cut off?  No?  Me either.  But that’s what it’s felt like for the last 2 months, and the last week especially.  Between the craziness of work, the compulsion to start sewing instead of knitting (more bags in the etsy shop for anyone who’s interested), and a whirlwind trip to Colorado I am beat.  Luckily I have all of next week off, and M is only here for half of it so I get the other half to recover 🙂

It’s definitely a struggle to make plans to go camp and hike for the one week I have off in the summer when work and life have been such a drain on me this year.  All I want to do is sleep, and maybe watch LOTR again.  It’s even hard to work up the motivation to cook (but then again cooking for one is kind of a pain).  But how many chances will I get to go to the Channel Islands?  Right.

The trip out to Colorado last weekend was good, but also exhausting – delayed flights, the stress of informal interviews, and the overwhelming family wedding made for a good but action-packed weekend.  Pictures soon, as soon as I figure out where my camera is 🙂

The great news that has come out of this is that I’m going to be transferring to Colorado in August.  Within the same company and working for the same group for the time being, but I’ll be picking up new skills and living in the same city (and I suppose house) as M for the first time since we started dating.  He’s already talking about looking for a puppy….I’m just trying to find a house and figure out what stuff to get rid of (anyone need any furniture?)

So, have a good weekend all.  I’ve got a few WIPs I’m hoping to tackle in July, as well as a ton of sewing to do so there should be more photos on the blog soon (oh, and I suppose all the travel photos too).  See you all soon!

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