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Sewing machine

September 10, 2009

Since I’ve moved out here, set up my craft room, and unpacked my sewing machine I have sewn 30+ box bags and 2 placemats, finished 1 quilt top, pinned two quilt sandwiches, tried my hand at machine quilting, and gotten slightly better at binding a quilt.  Not to say this second quilt is perfect (it’s smaller than I thought it would be, the squares are uneven, my corners don’t always match, the sandwich shifted as I was quilting, and I put part of the binding on wrongside up), but I have learned from my last mistakes (some of my corners do match, my miters are better, and I didn’t cut down the sandwich until after I’d sewn on the binding)  I’m sure the non-seamstresses are shaking their heads right now.  🙂

But it’s really the bag making that has been consuming my time and inspiring most of my recent fabric purchases.  For bags like these:

all available in my etsy shop

It’s a nice distraction from the stress of work every day to be able to come home and create something in such a short space of time.  While knitting has the meditation factor, sewing has more of the architecture and instant gratification (with the exception of quilts).  Need placemats?  No problem, I can whip a few of those up.  Need something to hold your wallet along with your keys?  Sure, pick something.  While my fabric stash is steadily growing, it never fills me with the same sense of dread my yarn stash sometimes does (that feeling of, “And when exactly am I going to knit all of this?”)

And I’ve needed the distraction lately – with the continual stress of work and the added stress of my car needing body work (thanks to being hit in the JoAnn’s parking lot this weekend) – it’s been nice to come home to a quilt to finish and some Top Chef, which I’m woefully behind on this season.  Here’s hoping this weekend brings a little less drama and a little more crafting….

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  1. September 12, 2009 5:25 pm

    i am glad you are feeling creative!

    send me a note when you post more, i didn’t see anything that screamed michelle. 😀
    still looking to find her a gift!

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