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NaNo what?

November 2, 2009

Some of you bloggers have seen the NaNo____ trends – write a blog post every day, knit a sweater, write a book, etc.  I’m horrible at following these things, but this is a big month for me (ie I turn 30 and am a little freaked out about), so why not try to do something?  I’ve been sadly lacking in blogging for awhile due to the insanity that is my life now, but I think I can handle posting a picture every day 🙂  So, today you get two to make up for me already being behind…..

1.  What did I do for two weeks in October?  Knit a pair of GothSocks for a Halloween Knit A-Long (KAL for the non-knitters).  I worked on these on the plane, on car rides, on a hike, even at a football game right up until Saturday evening.  And I’m psyched to know I can knit a pair of socks in 2 weeks if I put my mind to it (even better, they’re more likely to fit if I knit them in 2 weeks).  These are the ever popular GothSocks yarn, which has become comparable to Wollmeise in how difficult it is to get.  Nothing like self-striping yarn to make you feel cool for knitting stripes with so little effort!

2.  What else have I been doing besides knitting?  Making stitch markers – I’m switching over from sewing project bags for the etsy shop to making stitch markers for a little bit.  You know, for some variety…..There’s something satisfying about seeing 18 little ladybugs ready to go 🙂

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