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April 17, 2010

It is earlier in the morning than I would like it to be, and I am more awake than I would like to be, but it seems that’s what beer flavored like coffee will do.  So here I am, downstairs, catching up on posts in blogs and on Ravelry.  And thinking I really should be knitting on all the shawls I have planned, but finding reading more my speed.  Marie the loyal cat of course followed me downstairs immediately, probably to try to nag me back into bed, but now Denali has followed her too with her big brown eyes to sniff out why the other human is up and about so early.

When the pressure turns up at work, which it has with all the new roles assigned to me post-promotion, the quality of sleep goes down.  I find myself dreaming anxiously about projects at work, things I have to do, questions people have asked me.  I wake up thinking about this and that report that needs to be drafted and the night is shot.  Sigh.

So what better time than to post a few modeled shots of Aeolian, right?  Exactly.

Shot of the shawl, unobscured by hair

Goofy modeled shot

Whatcha lookin’ at modeled shot

And with that, back I go to catching up!

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  1. April 17, 2010 1:56 pm

    Aeolian is lovely!!

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