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Weaving and quilting

April 21, 2010

Even though I’m all booked up with knitting projects that need to be finished this year, I’ve still been squeezing in some time for other hobbies!  I dug out my spinning wheel, which used to be my mom’s, and finished up the roving I had on there.  It was roving I’d bought in LA at one of the craft fairs, in colors I didn’t realize were so, well, bland.  I only spun up half of it, and I’m tempted to just trash the rest because I couldn’t get excited about spinning a mixture of grey, brown, black, and white.  But it did motivate me to pull out some of my Sunshine Yarns roving to draft!

I also managed to finish another weaving project and plan to warp on for my next tonight – here’s my finished stole/table runner in the elusive Wollmeise:

I noticed as I was weaving some of my warp threads seemed to be pulling the piece up further, but off the loom it seems ok.  I’ve got some better instructions for winding on the warp this time, which should help with any tension issues!

I also finally finished my first real bed-sized quilt top (in contrast to my last quilt tip that ended up being lap-sized due to glossing over the instructions)

I’m really pleased with how it turned out – the boxes aren’t perfectly lined up, but they’re a drastic improvement over the lap quilt.  I did have some squares that didn’t get sewn and I had to go back over, but all in all this one turned out really well.  I’m holding off on quilting it though – it’s king-sized, which makes it unwieldy, and I’m not totally decided on what pattern I want to quilt in.  I think I’ll make up some practice blocks to try free-form quilting on and maybe take a class before I tackle this one.  But it’s all ready to go!

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