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Ticking clock

June 28, 2010

In less than 2 months, Mark and I will be getting married.  After so much planning and mental gymnastics (how do we get people, dresses, flowers, cupcakes, table linens, etc to the church on time?  Esp when we’re not getting married at a church…) I feel like it’s snuck up on me.  It really shouldn’t have, given all the crafty prep I’ve been doing – I have a whole blog post planned on that for after the wedding – but somehow between the invitation making and the decorations crafting and the linen color choices I realized today we’ve passed the 2 month mark.

The trial run I had making bouquets with flowers from the grocery store

Of course it hasn’t all be wedding prep here – I do still have to work to earn a living (I know, the nerve, right?) and have been starting my own dyeing business on the side (sparkly, stripey socks anyone?).  Thankfully we’re going out to Boston this weekend to see some old friends while I have next week off – a vacation couldn’t be more needed (I suspect I’ll be eating my words this August).

One of the sold skeins from the shop

And of course there’s been knee surgery #3 (adding a second bundle to my current ACL) – a follow up to #1 (broken leg) and #2 (new ACL) that should hopefully bring me back to hiking shape.  I’m 2 weeks out and still hurting and swollen and bruised, but I’m able to walk around without crutches or a brace which make me pretty happy.

Here’s hoping I’m in dancing shape in 2 months!

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  1. July 1, 2010 5:12 am

    two months and sounds like you are in great shape. what is the date of the nuptials? tim and i were married august 23 so i tend to think of it as the perfect month for marrying.

    now, do your quad sets and heel slides and ice it if the MD says that is okay and i know you will glide on that leg in no time. have a great trip east. drop an email if you do come west anytime soon. 🙂 a

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