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The blues

September 17, 2010

In the flurry of the wedding planning, I got used to this overdrive mode of doing multiple things at once – crisis at work, crafting, wedding details, day-to-day living.  Now that it’s been almost a month since the wedding, I’m having a hard time settling back into post-wedding life.

At first I turned to dyeing, wrapping up custom orders and trying to get a shop update ready – it’s murder on my back/neck/shoulders to wind and warp, so I had to take a break after finishing up over 30 skeins.

Then knitting, taking part in the 2010 Shawl Wars (similar idea to sock wars – each person in a group gets assigned a target, forming a big circle of targets and assassins, knitting socks/weapons and sending them off until 1 person is left standing).  I managed to knit my shawl in less than a day (thanks in part to a flight back home from a business trip and a holiday weekend)

but was still eliminated before I could take my target’s weapon.

Then I turned to quilting – I had a nine patch of ‘vintage’ pinks and browns I’d picked up, that I was in the midst of squaring off before piecing, to help the blocks line up when I put the rows together.  I’d also finished this quilt top awhile back, but hadn’t thought I could quilt it on my machine.  And since my blocks didn’t quite line up from row to row (oops), I didn’t want to do a diagonal or something that would highlight the issue.

Then I saw this post about organic line quilting on Tallgrass Prairie Studiu, and thought that might work.  The downside is that it’s a very ‘straight’ design, but adding a little waviness to the lines may keep it from being too rectilinear.  And with that technique, I’d only need to be able to fit half of the quilt under my machine.  So I dug out a crib quilt I’d pieced and sandwiched and tried it out on that – until I ran out of thread.  But I liked the look, and after winding the few bobbins I had left – I started on this one, quilting down the middle of the sashing and the middle of the squares to start and anchor the top.   And guess what?  I’d forgotton how thin the batting was, and could probably have fit more than half the quilt under the arm at a time.  Good to know.

But once I started there, I kept seeing all these other quilts I wanted to make.  Like the Tokyo Subway Map, by Oh Fransson – I could use alot of the Japanese prints I’d stashed for making project bags.  And this happy sunshine quilt by Wisecraft – I had some Wildwood prints that I’d picked up awhile back that would be perfect with this brown batik I’d picked up.  And this Toe the Lime pattern I’d bought, with some greens and grays and oranges…

And suddenly I realized I’ve got alot of quilting to do and a full time job still, plus a family life to have.

So I picked up my spinning instead and finished this up:

About 400 yds of fingering weight organic merino, in Dani’s Esme Island colorway.  I’m by no means a great spinner, and I still overspin my singles, but since I also overspin when I ply it seems to even out 🙂  It’s a nice “just a few minutes” activity to pick up and put down, and more relaxing than heaving a king sized quilt through my machine.

I still miss all the planning, and the excitement of knowing friends and family are coming to visit.  But I’m getting used to the relative quiet (ahem-dog-who-barks-in-the-middle-of-the-night), getting back to cooking, getting back to hiking.  Soon it will all feel normal again.

Happy Friday all!

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