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November 22, 2011

Wow, were did the time go? I have an on-again off-again relationship with blogging and have been horrible about keeping up, but let’s see if I can’t catch up a little before the next lapse!


I seem to have caught the spinning bug lately, both in buying/spinning fiber but also collecting Turkish drop spindles. I fell in love with Jenkins spindles at Sock Summit this year, and have plans to take a couple with me to Ireland (more on that later). But in the meantime, my wheel has been busy:

1. Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL & Tussah Silk in Green Eyed Monster 2. Sunshine Yarns SW BFL in Cherry Blossoms 3. Sunshine Yarns SW Merino in Italian Riviera 4. Sunshine Yarns SW BFL in Black Lake 5. Jabberwocky Farm cashgora/llama


Even more intense was my weaving production this year. I started taking commissions to weave scarves, mostly in self-striping yarns, and started experimenting more with plaids as well:

1. Subtle Plaid (Sunshine Yarns) 2. Poppy Scarf (Gothsocks) 3. Verzaubert Plaid (Wollmeise and Sanguine Gryphon) 4. Less Subtle Plaid (Sunshine Yarns) 5. Godric’s Scarf (Gothsocks) 6. Trek Scarf (Sunshine Yarns) 7. Warm Plaid (Sunshine Yarns) 8. Winterberry Scarf (Gothsocks)

This is also still a knitting blog

I have managed to squeeze in some knitting time between all that spinning and weaving, mostly socks but I am wearing a sweater today that I need to take photos of as well!

1. Mansocks (Sunshine Yarns) 2. Ireland socks (Sunshine Yarns) 3. Toe up no purl throw it all in Monkeys (Sunshine Yarns)

Working on a Machine

And, to top it all off, I’ve been working on my sewing and latest hobby, working with a circular sock knitting machine! As you can imagine, between all the other hobbies I’ve collected the CSM has fallen a bit behind, but it’s fascinating to work with and I hope next year I can use it to churn out some more socks!

Finished Sunshine Medallion Quilt

CSM in action

That’s great, where were you going with this?

Although I’ve completely fallen off of the blogging bandwagon, I do still enjoy having a place to document my progress and listen to myself speak. I have aspirations of some day being a more reliable blogger, but with my scattered approach to crafting and the hectic nature of my life right now I make no promises. I went to Ireland for a month this summer and transitioned into a new role at work that is sending me back to Ireland in a week or so, which means my life will be all over the place for the foreseeable future. But maybe I’ll get around to editing all those photos I took this summer and can post about my adventures overseas!

Fingers crossed…

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